Poems visual prosthetic

His art is not only an inventor of parts, but of stories. Designed lives on a swarm of characters that are nothing more than a multiple dissection itself. The content of a complex and comprehensive exhibition that reprises his artistic career in the hands of Fran Reus gallery. Its title, Meditecráneo. In a corner of the room backstage Planas hide. The hundred pieces created for the show will not see the light. It's been more than two years of work to shape what the Mallorcan artist conceived as a representation. In Meditecráneo informalist once painting and geometric abstraction and dominated diluted. 'Those jobs are more rational and thoughtful. You have to see the work a priori, here flowing and you born spontaneously. Not sure where it will lead, "he says.

His presentation is a tear an opening in the channel by the author. As violent as video and syncopated posing, and throws to first screen. The actual harshness of the operating room and the operations connected with his series The Temptations of St. Agatha. A walking trail showcases the Fran Reus gallery with its three-dimensional collages containers. A sort of visual poems with silicone prosthesis sloughed real breasts. No criticism, but an excuse object to create a story around. An invented life that results in a scenery of objet trouvé. A bull Osborne nailed silicone and a wreath resting on one side. It is the portrait of his distorted woman: prostitute National II who died in a car accident.

Devouring a white wall, the magazine collages of paint and multiply. Skulls with Andrew Planas baptizes part of this sample. Their silhouettes are drawn face and profile in an infinite series. "The skull as a container of being," he explains. Differentiated beings who are their own experiences divided into a multitude of characters.

Also here is the Mediterranean to restart your career. "In the colorful expressionism, Mediterranean culture. From a distance, without seeing them, seem almost pop art "he says. It's just before the blade becomes aggressive. And red blood gain ground, the mourners black and yellow bile. Has taken Andrés Planas their ghosts? "Only here," pointing, finger and looking straight to the tables of cassocks.

"It is the only critical part of the exhibition," he clarified. "The reflection of the dark years in a college of 60 priests," he says. Revenge against oppression, against silence, doctrine. and again, the painting is printed on a background picture to result in stains that create ghostly figures. Undefined. Hidden in the anonymity of horror. "It is my full statement," says the creator as he recalls that other one that introduced him to Palma in 1989. Few souvenirs claims close this art exhibition with more than a hundred pieces. Are your creepy dolls. Fetuses skin or clay pots arranged in formalin for dark memories.