Skulls, cassocks and breast prostheses

A unique and amazing exposure. Unique because it brings together painting, collage, sculpture, installation, video art, and also, with the publication of two superb books partners, The Temptations of St. Agatha and Meditecráneo. There was also attracts some foray into the territory of the literature associated with the creative art, plastic documentation representing the concept of a catalog and bibliography of the inquiry into taking a central theme in the artist's production. And surprisingly, secondly, that the force with which the artist has harnessed his speech,
which is inhabited by the robes of the priests repressive school, memorialized with aggressive indifference, almost unhealthy obsession for the skull (which is, according conception, "the container being"), and the use of breast implants recovered as the foundation of a room halfway rauschenbergiano concept and combine three-dimensional collage of our beloved Carlos Pazos. The exhibition includes Meditecráneo work done in recent years by artist Andres Planas, and is a real oddity, both in regard to approach and what it does to its final conclusion.