2000 - 2010

With the start of the millennium, the work of Planas undergoes mutation and seems to say that what counts is shown clear, direct, No gimmicks. Faced with the works of those years simply means that the paint is paint. Is dumped to raise intangible atmospheres sublimated by color and light. In that, there is also a search for a new spatial modulation by recreating monochrome and indeterminate spaces. All enrevesamiento in the analysis of the work of Planas fall into the ridiculous excess sofisticador speech.
Precisely the opposite of European rhetoric, Andrés Planas seconded approaches to abstract expressionism and so seduced by the light American artists, such as the dark and sensual colors. Because of this influence was expanding the format of the canvas to evoke in the viewer a sense of sensory immersion in the image, in the manner of architectural paint away to continue a figurative or impressionistic tradition, manages to move the viewer with a pure surface treatment and tensions between the opposition of different colors.