1990 - 2000

Andrés Planas was immersed in the art world so circumstantial, that is, it has not been his craft and, like many, their first steps in this world were basically reinventing painting others. Being ex officio criminal is not surprising that Planas, in his early years as a painter, she felt like skipping all the rules and come to cherish the relief painting, admire the intractability of the materials or unleash whimsical irregularities surfaces. Behind the poetics of "gesture" was a free idea of art, freed from academicians clichés, which has never left.
Most revealing of this first decade of creative Planas, is producing works of different sources indicated by the traces of the primary and naive. The apparent anarchy of his work would inevitably linked with the art autre, one that is defined as an aesthetic of the informal, where the spontaneous and irrational justify their existence, and the most trivial everyday things acquire an own intellectual coherence and load who loves tradition but needs to reinvent this.